After major upgrades, reinstalls etc, you may find that Visual Studio isn’t connecting to your Mac. Here’s a tip or two to help you.

First check the Bonjour Service. This has to be running. I’ve set it to run by default but it keeps getting reset to manual startup so I have to rightclick start it. I’m not sure why this is. Anyone know why when I change it to automatic startup it reverts to manual next day??bonjourservice

There’s a page of tips about installing and connectivity on Xamarin’s online docs.

If you’ve opened a project and it’s not connected. It’ll look something like this.  The No Devices Attached below is the iOS Toolbar so make sure it’s visible.



What I’ve found works well is to close this project and create a new blank one. This fires up the connectivity dialog, so you can see if your Mac is being found and diagnose any problems.

Or you can go to the existing Tools/Options and right at the bottom is Xamarin. Click the Configure button.




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