iOS 8 Deprecated quite a few things- for instance if you did a map search using the Xamarin MapDemo, it uses a UISearchDisplayController but that’s now deprecated and you are meant to start using UISearchController instead.

Knowing which version of iOS your App is running on then becomes important. While I can use the older UISearchDisplayController on iOS 8, I can’t use the newer UISearchController on iOS 7.

Now I’ve been previously using this property to check if the OS is a certain version.

        public bool IsiOS8
            get { return UIDevice.CurrentDevice.CheckSystemVersion(8, 0); }

But I think it’s better to check if a version is >= 7 and for that purposes the MonoTouch.Foundation class provides NSProcessInfo() with it’s OperatingSystemVersion and Major and Minor properties. Note I’ve also changed IsiOS8 from a property to a function.

        public static bool IsiOS8()
return (new NSProcessInfo().OperatingSystemVersion.Major >= 8);

A new privacy setting in iOS 8 means that apps using Location services need to have permissions enabled. One way to do this is by adding these extra keys to info.plist. One is for

        Please allow Location services

        Please allow Location services

Then in settings you’ll see this:

Location Access settings

I noticed this testing an App which relies on GPS. When I ran it on iOS 8, it was not providing location information