That is one of the Xamarin staff there! I highlighted the Xamarin on his tee-shirt.

Last night I went to Shore Ditch Grind, a small cafe right by exit 8 of Old Street tube station (Northern Line) in London last night to meet some of the Xamarin staff, lots of developers (maybe 70-80) and indulge in the free drinks.

I was the bloke handing out my Bespoke Programmers business card.

Hi to Gavin, Dean Ellis (MonoGame team member) and Dennis and about six other people whose names I’ve forgotten.

It was noisy, crowded and very vibrant but having that many bodies in a relatively confined space made it hard to talk to more than 10 people. There wasn’t any purpose to the meeting, just to turn up, meet other developers and discover that as developers using Xamarin “We’re not alone”.

Things I discovered (note- it was a small sample – probably less than 10% of attendees) is that there are a lot of small developers and lots of people seem to have the Visual Studio “Business Edition” as do I.

Perhaps it would be worth organising a monthly meetup. Also I wonder if Xamarin would host a searchable page for all the small developers so anyone (big business) could find developers in their area.

A big thank you to Xamarin who footed the £1,000 bar bill and nice meeting you guys.

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