Being primarily a PC person since 1989, I bought my first Mac, a Mac Mini in 2008. I still have and use it but it can’t be upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion. And when they bring out a Mac OS X Mavericks how many years will my next Mac get used for. Maybe I should consider a Hackintosh!

So at some point I will need to move up. So for now despite having upgraded Xamarin as well as my iPhone to iOS 7, I’m stuck on developing for iPhone 6.1. To move to iOS 7 development you have to have Xcode 5 which requires OS X Mountain Lion.

Still at least I’ve tested my in development App on iOS 7 and it works fine on 6.1 and 7 though it doesn’t make use of any iOS 7 features.

Another Xamarin update- I expect there to be quite a few with iOS 7 now hitting alpha on the Xamarin Studio front. However, MonoDoc keeps wanting to have Apple documentation merged with Xamarin.iOS documentation. Even though it’s done it already. It’s deja vu all over again. Last time it was Visual Studio!


I’ve noticed that if I’m away from my PC for a while (generally over an hour), Visual Studio loses the connection to the Mac Build Host. When I try to reconnect via the Visual Studio Tools/Option/Xamarin/iOS Configure button, it won’t reconnect. The Mac build host is shown as unreachable and Diagnose fails trying to talk to the Mac.

Restarting Visual Studio doesn’t do it, you have to close down then reopen Xamarin Studio. It’s 4.0.12 (build 3). Then you can reconnect from Visual Studio. Not a big bug, just a minor PITA!

It pops up a dialog saying do you want to update your help and if you view the Output then 447MB later of downloads (on the Mac), it starts updating. But next time you run Visual Studio the same thing happens?

It’s not you, it’s the version of the help is 6.0 even though you are on 6.1 (according to the Xamarin Bug Log).  The quick fix is to download the help manually.  As Xamarin engineer Jose Miguel Torres say in the bug report:

“Open XCOde and go to Xcode menu –> Preferences… Then click on Downloads tab and switch from components to Documentation.There should be the iOS 6.1 DocSet entry and the most probably is that it is not installed. Click on Check and Install button from the Xcode dialog and wait for the iOS 6.1 DocSet to be installed. ”


After that, you should see the Mac Server Log

[2013-09-01 10:22:44.2] Using
[2013-09-01 10:22:44.9] API Docs installed version:
[2013-09-01 10:22:44.9] API Docs official version:
[2013-09-01 10:22:44.9] Command [StatusSdk: CommmandUrl=StatusSdk] finished (9)

No more update requests.