Being primarily a PC person since 1989, I bought my first Mac, a Mac Mini in 2008. I still have and use it but it can’t be upgraded to OS X Mountain Lion. And when they bring out a Mac OS X Mavericks how many years will my next Mac get used for. Maybe I should consider a Hackintosh!

So at some point I will need to move up. So for now despite having upgraded Xamarin as well as my iPhone to iOS 7, I’m stuck on developing for iPhone 6.1. To move to iOS 7 development you have to have Xcode 5 which requires OS X Mountain Lion.

Still at least I’ve tested my in development App on iOS 7 and it works fine on 6.1 and 7 though it doesn’t make use of any iOS 7 features.

I talked earlier this week about these and have done further work. The problem I was solving was this: The App will be installed from the App Store but is only for a subset of users. It would be very bad if anyone else was able to use it.

So When it’s first run, it looks for Config info. As it’s never been run and this config info is set internally, it comes up with a screen asking for a few fields to be filled in, but only saves the data if a master password is entered. This information is saved out (password fields are used) and then the App kills the main View, recreates it ie effectively it restarts and upon finding the correct information it works properly. This was done in the View’s ViewDidLoad.

What I found was that the ViewWillAppear only appears to fire the first time and not the second following the View being disposed (UiViews are disposable) and then recreated in the a method in ViewController.

Today i got the dreaded 0xE8008016 when I tried to deploy a test version onto my iPhone. This can occur for a variety of reasons so I checked everything pertaining to profiles and provisioning:

I ran KeyChain, I ran Xcode Organizer, checked my account on Apple. All were good though my Apple developer subscription must be well into extra time as it’s renewed around this time of year but I knew they’d extended everyone’s because of the problems they had a few weeks back.


It was none of those. However I did notice a file Entitlements.plist that hadn’t been there before and I had accidentally enabled it in the Project Settings. Unticking it solved the problem for me.


I’m a software developer in London UK, creating Apps with Xamarin and these are my thoughts based on my day to day experiences developing with it. Need a contractor for Xamarin (offsite) or onsite in London or C#? Contact Me.

(August 2014)
I’m just coming up to complete my first App which uses multi-threading, TCP/IP and runs very responsively on an iPhone 4! It’s for Taxi drivers and uses a propietary packet protocol to talk to a server over a TCP/IP port.