About Xam App

I’ve recently started developing Apps for iPhone (and coming up Android) in C# using Xamarin, developed by the people who created Mono, the Linux equivalent of Microsoft’s .NET framework. It generates native code that runs on an iPhone.

This blog is about my trials and tribulations and Xamarin related news that come along.

David Bolton

London, UK

I am available for Contract Xamarin development but am currently tied up with projects until about November 2013. As I’m based in London, I prefer to do things from home (cheaper rates – £350 a day)  but can work onsite at £450 a day.  Outside London it’s £550 a day.

I worked at Morgan Stanley from 2007-2013 and before that British Aerospace (BAe) and Price Waterhouse (pre Coopers). A CV of my past development career is available on demand.

I also develop custom desktop software on Windows – see my business website bespoke programmers.

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