Near the end of a project and there’s nothing worse than getting a new release of the development software and getting a real big scare. I got 7.0.4 this morning with the new pairing of Visual Studio to the Xamarin.iOS Build Host running on the Mac.

Mac and Windows Pairing Dialogs

That worked well, but the scare came when I went to upload the newly built app on to my device and got a No Provisioning Profiles Found build error. Weird but as I’d renewed my developer account with Apple yesterday, possibly it was related to that but no it showed fine. The profiles on the iPhone showed fine as well in the Xcode organiser.

Dev profiles in Xcode's organiser

I was a bit worried because my Mac is only 10.7.5 and can’t run Xcode 5 or develop for iOS 7. It will be replaced shortly. However it turned out to be a lot simpler than that. In the Xamarin Studio Preferences, the Developer accounts had been zapped. Just adding my Apple account back in sorted it.

Xamarin Studio Developer Accounts